USLA Projects

USLA Management Committee

would like to inform the community that sum of $10000 (Ten Thousand NZ Dollars) was sent to Seva Vanitha Army Branch. The amount $10000 was made up of $5000 from Ranaviru Account and $5000 top up from USLA general account. The funds sent will be used by Seva Vanitha Army Branch to purchase artificial limbs for disabled soldiers. The USLA Management Committee would like to thank all who contributed to this fund as well as who worked hard during fund raising events. The current balance in the Ranaviru Account is about $2500 .USLA plans to send more funds to Sri Lanka to help disabled soldiers. Please make your contribution to USLA Ranaviru Fund.

Current Projects

  • Political Front                                                                                   Readmore

  • Ranaviru Rehabilitation

  • Lakmadura

  • Preparation of traditional Sri Lankan Food


Past Projects

  • Ranaviru Rehabilitation Project 2017                                           Readmore

  • Venemulla                                                                                           Readmore

  • Drumming & Drama Classes

  • Funding for Senior Citizen Group

  • Pakistan Fund Raiser

  •  Christchurch Relief Appeal