Inclusive Community

Creating a space for all Sri Lankans to connect and thrive

Preserving Heritage

Celebrating and preserving our rich
Sri Lankan culture

Empowering Tomorrow

Providing educational and cultural programs for future generations

About us

Established in 1983, USLA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the interests of Sri Lankans living in New Zealand

With a deep-rooted passion for our homeland, we aim to foster unity, preserve our heritage, and provide support to our community.

Our Initiatives

Discover the impactful programs we have in place to empower and support our community.

Educational Programs

Providing resources, networking, and mentorship for aspiring Sri Lankan students.

Cultural Programs

Organizing cultural events and activities to celebrate our vibrant Sri Lankan heritage.

Community Services

Offering various services and initiatives to address the needs of the Sri Lankan community.

Community Events

Celebrating our Culture and Unity…

Upcoming Events

Our previous events

Discover the vibrant tapestry of events that bring our community together, celebrating our rich culture, traditions, and the spirit of unity that defines us all.

Visit Sri Lanka

The United Sri Lanka Association (USLA) invites you to explore the unique beauty and diverse experiences our homeland offers.

Wildlife and Nature

Culture and Heritage

Pristine Beaches

Culinary Delights

Adventure and Sports

Spiritual Wellness

Grants Acknowledgment

Support us to help Sri Lanka
our community

Your contribution will help us continue making a difference in the lives of
Sri Lankans in need.

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